Greenscreen technology is the special effects used in major Hollywood blockbusters. It allows you to insert your actor or presenter into any environment by "keying out" the greenscreen and replacing the background with another video image.

How does Greenscreen work?

We use video effects and technology to superimpose your actors onto
virtual backgrounds, place them over animated digital backdrops or transport them to any "live" scenes.
You can shrink down a full-grown man so he can stand on a tabletop, use visual effects to make him fly through
the sky like a superhero or simply simulate your own TV weather report.
But to do it right, you’re going to need a lot of green.
No, we’re not talking about money. The green we mean comes in the form of a Greenscreen.
That's the real secret to pulling your subject out of the real world and placing him or her into a digital domain.
In this article we’ll cover all the essentials you need to know to
generate keen, clean keys and composite digital backdrops and virtual backgrounds into your edits.

What is Keying?

Keying is the process of isolating a single color or brightness value in an electronic image and using
software to make that value transparent, allowing another image to show through the affected areas.
Luminance keying, or lumakeying, is the process of keying out a brightness value or range, like black or white.
Luminance keys are often used for applying mattes. Color keying, or chromakeying, identifies a specific color to remove.

Why Green?

Many people use the terms chromakeying and greenscreening interchangeably, but the principle that powers
chrominance keying is not limited to the green parts of the spectrum. In the visual effects world of Hollywood,
blue screens are far more common than green.
In fact, you can key out any color: red, yellow, purple or pink, blue and yes, green.
So why is that odd shade of green the hue of choice for television and video?
The biggest factor is contrast. In order to isolate one area from the rest, the background color must be distinctly
different. Bright green beats blue partially because it is not a color commonly worn by talent.
Any clothing that matches the background too closely will also key out, punching a hole in your
subject’s body, or making him invisible altogether.

GreenScreen Rental:

• Includes all studio lights, 2-hour minimum. $140 (2 hours)
Add-on: Additional hour or part thereof. $70
Add-on: In-studio AV crew includes Broadcast Quality Gear $50/hour/crew
On-location AV crew (x2) includes Broadcast Quality Gear $247.50/hour
• Teleprompter (i.e. full workday) $60/day
Grace Period: your own crew may arrive 10 minutes ahead of start time to setup.
This bonus 10 minutes do not count towards total hours booked.
If you finish your shoot early, there is no pro-rating part-thereof for any booking. This is because we blocked the booking only for you and can't take any other customers in the time-slot reserved for you and only you.
Please be punctual at the start time. We normally come in an hour before you to help you set up.

Mobile GreenScreen Instant Photo-printing (LIVE EVENT):

• 2 hours include photographer, photo-printing operator and unlimited prints Call 90066830 for quote.
• 3 hours include photographer, photo-printing operator and unlimited prints Call 90066830 for quote.
• 4 hours include photographer, photo-printing operator and unlimited prints Call 90066830 for quote.
• Additional photo-print $1/piece

Additional equipment/crew - Request quote:spacer              email: mobile (65) 90066830

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