is run by Gary Ow, Creative Producer of Genetix S Pte Ltd.

Genetix S Pte Ltd (Est. 2002) offers:

arrow GreenScreen cyclorama studio facilities
arrow Visual Effects (VFX)
arrow Video recording
arrow Sound recording
arrow Post production
arrow Screenwriting

Our GreenScreen cyclorama studio is prelit with powerful KinoFlo lights.
We have space for a crew/cast of 20+ pax.
The GreenScreen cyclorama studio is 5m (depth) x 8m (across) x 4m (height).
3 x overhead KinoFlo backlights.
3 x floor keylights (2000W) (Tungsten or Blue available.)
Changing room.
Teleprompter available.
Sound crew/equipment available.
HD Camera crew available.